Jubilee Christian Preparatory Academy  - In pursuit of a transformed community...
Educate, Prepare, and Release!
We are a private college preparatory school where children are molded and coached to achieve greatness, through a focus on the "whole child"-spiritually, academically, athletically, artistically and technologically.
 Jubilee Christian Preparatory Academy is a mission school of Jubilee Christian Church International - Glory Tabernacle.

The Academy was founded out of our Pastors' passion for a transformed community. Currently we serve Toddlers through Second Grade with the availability of before and after care programs. In addition, our plan is to extend our program through twelfth grade over the next few years.
Our classes are kept to a low student-teacher ratio and often fill up quickly. We recognize that each child has unique talents, learning styles and personalities, our experienced teachers and staffs are committed to working within each child’s comfort zone to ensure optimal social, emotional and results.
At Jubilee Christian Preparatory Academy you will find a nurturing educational environment for your child.
Quality Education at a very low and competitive rate all at JCPA...
If you are in search of a quality educational Pre-Kindergarten program far and beyond GA Pre-K. JCPA (K4) is an excellent option for you child!

JCPA Offers:
*More learning hours:8:30am-3:30pm.

*Introduction to technology with the use of Smart board.
*Students accessibility to Computer for class work.
*Low  Students to Teacher's Ratio.
*Educational Field Trips during the School Year.
*Local Community guest speakers. 
* Parent Teacher Partnership Club
* PTPC Fundraiser
* Low competitive tuition fee   
*Availability of Educational Enrichment Aftercare Program until 6:30pm at the rate of $8/day.
(School to School Transportation and Before Care is also available)
*JCPA enrolls children born after Sept. 1st- Dec. 31st for K4 through 2nd Grade.
(A prior assessment test is required)
Call 678-384-0656 for detail information certain, restrictions m